• Hot-swappable Design
• Power Factor 1 (kVA=kW)
• High Efficiency 97%
• System Parallel
• Fault Trace Management
• Most compact 100KW module 3U




FLEX 10-40 kVA

X-PND 60-600 kVA

X-PND 400-1200 kVA

TTB-i Series 10-200 kVA

TECNED 3C Controller for Lithium Iron Phosphate

High Reliability

  • Wide input voltage range -60%~+25% with high grid adaptability
  • High overload capacity
  • Hot-swappable function ensures uninterrupted operations during
  • Dual system control card and dual DSP control prevents single
    failure point
  • Intelligent fan control and redundant design for energy saving: 25%
    load can be driven when 2 fans fail and 50% load when 1 fan fails
  • Integrated with input,output,bypass breaker and manual bypass
    switch for better protection of system.
  • EPO function as standard for immediataly remove power from
    connected load in the event of emergency
  • Anti-corrosion resistant coating in all PCB boards.
  • Cabinet temperature detection and pre-alarm which prevent over
    temperature accident.

Green power

  • AC/AC efficiency up to 97% and 30% load up to 96% efficiency
    reduces heat dissipation and limits power consumption costs
  • ECO mode efficiency up to 99% ingives significant cost reduction.
    W-ECO mode could reach 98.5% efficiency, THDi below 5% and
    transfer time below 5ms to reduce TCO.
  • High input power factor up to 0.99 and low Input
    THDi: < 3.0% at full load, much less grid pollution and costs
  • Advanced and compact 3U height 100KW power module
    equip with maximum 30A charger.
  • Self-load test function, easy debugging and easy onsite test
    during commissioning, before it is connected the real load,
    without using costly temporary loads, cabling and breakers
    for energy saving.
  • Advanced power module sleep mode, prolong the service life
    of power module

Advanced technology

  • Three level technology, Low harmonic, high efficiency, effectively
  • Power walk in function decrease the inrush to mains or generator.
  • Advanced parallel expansion technology, support 8 units up to
    9.6MW in parallel, single /parallel system compatible.
  • Self-dedusting function which save the preventive service time.
  • Parallel ECO mode maximum whole system effciency.
  • Common battery bank on parallel mode.
  • Frequency converter function(60Hz to 50Hz or 50Hz to 60Hz)
  • Lithium Battery compatible.

User-friendly Interface

  • User-friendly ON/OFF – Double physical button design to avoid false
  • 7-inch touch screen with LED Indicators, ensure comprehensive
    and visualized information display.
  • Large data storage capacity,10000pcs events logs.
  • Friendly human-machine interface with data and graphical
  • Support software update at site, one time update for all power
    module and control module.
  • ON/OFF – Double Button design to prevent misoperation and touch
    screen failure
  • Smart programmable dry contact communication function.
  • Main unit display allow to check the information of each parallel

Intelligent Management

  • Fault Trace Management (FTM) for convenient failure analysis(
    waveform record before & after of the fault point for 200ms) which
    easily figure out faulty point.
  • 3 stage battery charging system, prolong the service life of batteries
  • Intelligent battery management, 30-50 pcs batteries per string allow
    customers to get the faulty battery out instead of replacing it
  • Key components pre-alarm function which precaution the system
  • Full asset management record the spare parts replacement, timeline
    and service people


Battery Monitoring Solutions:

  • Advanced battery monitoring per block
    voltage, Impedance, and temperature.

Flexible Network Management:

  • Optional internal SNMP adapter
  • Customer interface software

Intelligent management software

  • Smart status diagnosis
  • Abnormal status real time alarm
  • Event logs recording
  • Parameters real time monitoring

More Options

  • Bypass voltage regulator
  • Extended dry contact card
  • BMS card for lithium battery
  • Input and output isolation transformer
  • Output Synchronization Common Bus
  • Battery Charge Temperature Compensation

Specifications TECNED X-PND 400-1200kVA

MODEL X-PND400 X-PND500 X-PND600 X-PND800 X-PND1000 X-PND1200
Power module Model XPD-100
Voltage Range (Vac) 3Φ4W+PE,380/400/415 L:L 138~485
Input Wiring 3Ph+N+PE
Input Frequency (Hz) 40-70
Bypass Voltage Range (Vac) -20%(10/15/30/40/50/60%)~+15%(10/20/25%
Power Factor ≥0.99
THDi at full Linear load <3%
Power Module (kVA) 100
Power Module Number 4 5 6 8 10 12
System Capacity (kVA) 400 500 600 800 1000 1200
Power Factor 1
Voltage (Vac) 3Φ4W+PE,L-L:380,400,415 ±1%
Frequency (Hz) 50/60± 0.2% (battery mode)
Three Phase Difference True sine wave,≤2 degrees
THDv ≤1% (linear load, full load); ≤4% (nolinear load, full load)
Static Bypass Transfer Time 0
System Efficiency (MAX) 97%
Overload Capacity 101-105% Long run, 106-110% load for 60 minutes, 111%-125% load for 10 minutes,126%-150% load for 1 minute, over 150% load transfer
Battery Voltage (Vdc)* ±240 (±180~±300 settable)
Charging Current (A) N×30 Maximum (N = the number of power module)
Display 7 inch Touch screen+ LED+ Physical buttons
Operating Temperature (oC) 0~40
Storage Temperature (oC) -40~70
Relative Humidity 0~95%, no condensation
Communication Function RS232, RS485,Dry contact, MODBUS, SNMP (optional)
Noise (dB) 70
Altitude(m) 0~2000, no derate
Cabling Bottom/Top Top
Power Module Dimension (W×D×H)(mm) 500×750×130(3U)
Cabinet Dimension (W×D×H)(mm) 1200×1000×2000 1400x1000×2000 1800x1000×2000
Weight (kg) Cabinet 400 506 580 650 740
Weight (kg) Power Module 55