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TECNED manufactures standard and fault-tolerant systems according to customer specifications. Build around strictly analog, software free and SMD free Energy Conversion Units or ECU’s, TECNED delivers the ultimate reliability by design.

Fault Tolerant Systems
Standard systems will completely stop to operate when a critical component fails. Fault-tolerant systems are designed to continue its intended operation at a reduced or default level when a critical component failure occurs. A truly fault tolerant design will prevent a complete loss of output power notwithstanding the type of fault. All TECNED products are available as Fault-tolerant Systems (Ft’s) within a single enclosure.

We distinguish two levels of fault tolerant design aspects within a single system

Fault Tolerant – in Controls
TECNED systems are build-up with Energy Conversion Units or ECU’s as building blocks within a single enclosure. The ECU’s are governed by a central controller to execute monitoring and control functions. In the event of a control failure, each ECU will automatically run on its own default settings independent of the main controller. This allows to removal and replacement of a control board without any interruption to the output.

Fault Tolerant – in Power
All TECNED Ft’s are fault tolerant by topology as each unit consists of minimum two ECU’s. The sizing of each ECU allows continued operation near nominal level in the event a serious fault occurs. Every ECU can be electrically isolated for maintenance and replaced without any interruption to the output

Fault tolerant design in both Control & Power ensures absolute reliability and eliminates down-time.

Sample ECU DC-DC converter
Each ECU has its own control and can function independently without disruption to the output when the central controller is removed.

Only analog insertion components are used (no micro-processors) to achieve a maximum of reliability and service life.

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