Product list


True Online UPS 6~10kVA

  • Output Isolation transformer
  • Up to 8A battery charge current
  • Low input distortion
  • Built-in Static & Manual bypass


True Online UPS 10-15-20-30-40kVA

  • Front-only access
  • Cabinet protection
  • Parallel architecture standard
  • Graphic LCD display with log files
  • Modbus & Alarm contacts
  • Built-in 10 year battery (option)


Online UPS 10-15-20-30-40 kVA

• Programmable Input and output configuration 11/31/33
• High AC/AC Efficiency up to 95%
• Designed with ECO conservation mode
• Supports 4 Units Parallel
• Common battery parallel operation
• Programmable DC bus voltage
• Dry contacts with RS-485 (Modbus)
• SNMP with preloaded web interface (option)


Modular UPS 400~1200 kVA

• Hot-swappable Design
• Power Factor 1 (kVA=kW)
• High Efficiency 97%
• System Parallel
• Fault Trace Management
• Most compact 100KW module 3U


UPS 10~200 kVA

• Industrial UPS
• Dual DSP full digital control technology
• Output isolation transformer
• Intelligent battery management

TECNED 3C Controller for Lithium Iron Phosphate

The TECNED 3C charge controller is made specifically with stationary applications in mind and facilitates smooth integration with AC & DC-UPS system.

Custom Power Conversion

Special application products

• DC power supplies
• Inverters
• Converters

TECNED designs and manufacturers special power supplies for military and private sector applications. Each design is unique and built from concept stage to final product. TECNED special application products can be found to power from high tech military gear to sophisticated test stations.

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