Rectifier / Charger

From 0.5 kW to 90 kW

The TECNED GR (SF/D) Rectifier / Charger series is available from 24Vdc to 650Vdc nominal with up to 600A output in a single enclosure.

From 0.5kW to 26kW

The TECNED GR(HS) series is a module based, natural cooled rectifier/charger series offering an integrated system designed to meet modern requirements.

From 0.1 kW to 50kW

The GR(19 inch) series is an advanced rack-based charger in the TECNED GR product family available with central monitoring and control options.

From 0.1 kW to 15kW

The GR(B)-series is the basic charger available in the TECNED GR product family with limited options.

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